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Insurance Quote Now is the newest cutting edge Insurance quoting system on the market provided by Delaney Insurance Agency Inc. and Insurance Compliance and Business Solutions.  We provide instant quotes for you, your business, your event, or any insurance need you would have.

Give us a try today.  Our carrier is A++ rated. 

Insurance Quote Now is a company which understands the often times immediate needs for insurance.  Our goal is to provide you with the best coverages, extra value added services to protect you against potential losses and fines, to get it to you as quickly as possible with the lowest cost possible.

1. Loyalty

We are committed to you, our customer. We are focused on being your "go-to" company and the best insurance company for your insurance needs.

2. Stability

A++ rated by A.M. Best.  Our surplus to premium writings make us one of the most financially stable carriers in the marketplace.

3. Products Driven

We are committed to developing new products and constantly enhancing our existing products so as to give you a consistent savings while maximizing coverage.

4. Submission Turnaround

It is our goal on all submissions received by 2 p.m. to have the quote back to you by 5 p.m. the same day.

5. Service

We want to be the best service company in insurance industry.  It is our goal to have all policies issued and returned to you within three working days.  Certificates are typically same day service.

6. Flexibility

We have the ability to write on both an admitted and non-admitted basis in all states.

7. Experience

Tremendous depth of underwriter knowledge.

8. Capacity

We offer five million dollar Umbrella or Excess limits over and above primary layers.

9. Innovation

Many of our customers are using our secure web site to quote our products quickly and efficiently.

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